#ConversionRateOptimisation – Reducing cart abandonment on web channel

With the holiday season rapidly approaching and with more customers taking to the Internet to procure their shopping list. Every retailer has probably (read: hopefully) taken the time to review their checkout journey. Subsequently, they have probably deployed strategies to curtail reasons because of which customers leave the channel without making their purchase.  Continue reading “#ConversionRateOptimisation – Reducing cart abandonment on web channel” »

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#Digital Lessons learned from a Stewardess


I like visiting Poland during Winter (Brrrrr!) and it was last year that I found myself sitting on a flight back from Gdansk. I was startled when someone hit my elbow – it was the air hostess who was conducting the usual pre-take off routine – checking if the seat belts were fastened. Continue reading “#Digital Lessons learned from a Stewardess” »