Trusted entrepreneurial and customer-centric Digital and Product leader with 20+ years’ experience coaching, directing and leading cross-functional teams implementing complex technology integrations. As a problem solver, I enjoy making complicated challenges simpler; running towards fires, dousing them quickly; formulating winning strategies by data driven experimentation, rapid prototyping and delivering great products that people love to use.

I’ve learned a lot from mistakes made since my first sprint planning in 2007. Now, every day, I hope to learn more about emerging digital tech, agile, gamification and bringing people together to deliver great products. I have a major in Artificial Intelligence (NLP) and keen to develop Machine Learning skills to apply them to solve Conversational UI development challenges.

I’m on twitter ^_^ @ravi_jay1. Ravi-Jay.com is essentially a download of my thoughts formed as a result of every day  learnings from facing many challenges over the years. I am introverted leader in the ASD spectrum and I’m Dyslexic.

Ravi jay Case study - Middlesex University career focus
From Career Focus – MDX Magazine 2012

Early years and Academics
I’ve always been analytical and was recognised as a ‘math’ problem solver at Trinity Lyceum and Infant Jesus high school. I was lucky to learn from my peers and faculty at Cochin University of Science and Technology (Bachelor degree), Gothenburg University (Masters – Artificial Intelligence) and Middlesex University (MBA). The cultural differences that I was exposed to enabled me to be more perceptive of cross cultural scenarios.

Professional life
The amazing talent that surrounded me during my professional formative years at Infosys technologies meant that I got a chance to grow beyond solving ‘math’ to understanding customer struggles, pain points and use that insight to develop products that made customer interaction a little easier. Since 2004, I’ve had a chance to work with clients at Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Sweden, France, Italy, India and the UK.

With 6 years industry experience and 2 masters degrees in my pocket, I tried my hand at starting and running  a business. It was two of the most rewarding and exciting years of my life. As you can imagine, success at a fast growing London-based start-up has come with the challenges, adversities, delights, personal and professional development that I did not foresee. 2 years, 15 fold revenue, 40% profit margin, 400% visitor footprint and roll-out across 8 markets in 4 countries later in 2014, I took the opportunity to successfully pass my work to an online retailing giant and exit the business. By then, I had learned so much about how to make a #digital business successful and touch so many lives along the way.

myMzone - Camden & Islington Business Awards 2012 myMzone - News paper coverage - london olympics 2012

Below are some of the awards & recognition that we received while running the business.

myMzone, NACUE, TATA disruptive startup. NACUE Varsity pitch

November 2012 – Winner, TATA Blue Skies Award for Disruptive Businesses 2012
November 2012 – Finalist, Varsity Pitch 2012
October 2012 – Winner, People’s Choice Award, Camden & Islington Business Awards 2012
October 2012 – Finalist, Small Business of the year,  Camden & Islington Business Awards 2012
July 2012 – Finalist, National University Entreprenuer 2012

After successfully exiting the business in March 2013, I moved back to corporate life with a view on applying the eCommerce, digital marketing, social media analytics exposure and experience on large digital transformation projects.

Since 2010, I was referenced from a few good websites, journals, newspapers and magazines. Below are a few:

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I have worked with Accenture Digital and have been a on Accenture Digital’s erstwhile public domain – Accenture Click and it’s great to be featured on Accenture Careers as a thought leader within erstwhile Accenture UK Digital.
Accenture Digital - Big Thinker

I’ve tried to channel some of my thoughts, ideas and concepts through Ravi-Jay.com. I’m happy for you to agree or disagree with what’s being said – more importantly, if my content is encouraging participation, I think we are all #winning.