Digital Ninjas

#leanStartup, #Agile
Everyday, I am inspired by something new I see on the internet. Contributions on twitter from some of the digital ninjas I’m currently learning from.
Currently, I am following:
1) Devote yourself to an idea (#ThinkLookActDigital).
2) Go make it happen (#Agile, #LeanStartup).
3) Struggle on it (#FailFast).
4) Overcome your fears (#SucceedFaster).
5) Smile – this is your dream.

The tweets below are from the list:

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About Ravi Jay

Ravi is enthusiastic about all things Agile & Digital in service of building Products that people love to use. Welcomes a good chat on Conversational AI & Gamification. Talk to Ravi on Twitter @ravi_jay1 using #ThinkLookActDigital.